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Complete your collection with this palette of flawless blush shades. At Gorgeous Cosmetics we are known for our silky smooth Colour Pro powder blushes. They blend effortlessly and last all day. This palette contains our 8 best selling shades that flatter the skin. We have options for every outfit and every mood. 

Shades Included: 
Apples – Perfect peachy pink with a matte finish 
Coral – Soft baby peach with a matte finish 
Cosmopolitan – Bright popping pink 
Peach Glow – Soft peach with a sheen 
Rhubarb – Warm rose with a golden glow 
Rose Glow – Fair rose with a sheen 
Sesame – Warm peach with a matte finish 
Warm Glow – Rich matte raspberry

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